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Open 3D Engine Sees Momentum Across Robotics Industry

By March 14, 2023March 15th, 2023No Comments joins Open 3D Foundation, releases gems to extend Open 3D Engine for robotics simulation

San Francisco, Calif., March 14, 2023 – The Open 3D Foundation (O3DF) today announced increased adoption in the robotics industry, which is collectively looking to Open 3D Engine (O3DE) for robotic simulations because of its modularity and core functions across content creation, physics and sensor simulations., a software leader that empowers the development of simulation platforms for robotics applications, is joining O3DF in its pursuit to build an open source future for robotic simulation. joins more than 20 other O3DF members and represents the growing number of companies using O3DE for a variety of use cases, from gaming and robotics to film and high-fidelity simulations, among others. O3DF saw massive growth over the last 12 months with more than 500 active online participants, nearly 200 authors of code and almost eight million changes to lines. This represents the increasingly diverse O3DE community and use cases.

The modular O3DE architecture is made possible through Gems, plug-ins that enable users to customize and extend the engine’s capabilities to address their unique applications, including games, simulations and many other 3D use cases. has created two Gems to extend the engine’s capabilities for robotics simulations.

The O3DE ROS2 Gem, created in collaboration with AWS Game Tech and Open Robotics, integrates O3DE with the Robot Operating System (ROS), which is being used in NASA’s VIPER mission to the moon. You can also learn more about the O3DE ROS2 Gem in this blog, and see it in action in these demos: fruit-picking robots simulation and robot vacuum simulation.

The O3DE RGL Gem powers high-performance Lidar simulation. You can read more about the O3DE RGL Gem in this blog.

“Traditional and commercial simulation engines are often insufficient for the complexity and scale of modern robotics applications,” said Royal O’Brien, General Manager of Digital Media and Games at the Linux Foundation & Executive Director of the Open 3D Foundation. “Integrated with the modern Robot Operating System (ROS), O3DE can be used in robotics applications without the need for wrappers or bridges and will accelerate robotic development and innovation. is a clear leader advancing this work, and we are excited about their O3DE contributions.”

As an O3DF member, will continue to contribute to the advancement of O3DE through code contributions, bug fixes and feedback on new features. The company will also participate in new O3DE projects, joint research initiatives and the development and documenting of best practices. will be an O3DE advocate by recommending the engine to customers and partners, driving adoption and standardization across the industry, and collaborating on training and tools that improve products and customer experiences.

“ is fully embracing O3DE as the future simulation engine for robotics. Our O3DF membership represents this belief and our commitment to O3DE development and collaboration,” said Adam Dąbrowski, VP of Robotics and Simulation, “Joining the Open 3D Foundation can help stay at the forefront of the 3D content creation and distribution industry and gain valuable access to resources and support that drives growth and innovation.”

For more information about’s work with O3DE, please listen to our discussion with Adam Dąbrowski in this episode of Tales from the 3rd Dimension. A panel on O3DE for robotics simulations will be hosted and live in the coming weeks.

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