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The Open 3D Foundation, the home of O3DE, aims to build and foster an open-sourced, real-time 3D engine for simulations, building games and other 3D content with no royalty or license limitation.

Industry leaders like AWS, Robotec.AI, Epic Games, Microsoft, OPPO, and many more are supporting O3DF by becoming members.

Member Benefits

Our member organizations are enterprises, end users, vendors, startups, universities and other organizations who are committed to collaborating in open source to advance the future of 3D technology. Whether you’re using, selling or creating 3D technologies, your membership at the Open 3D Foundation grants you unfettered access to proven methodologies, real-time innovation and a seat at the table to steer the conversation.

An overview of the membership tiers is shown below.




Maximize your strategic involvement

General interest in participation and contribution

Limited to academic and nonprofit institutions.

Annual Membership Fee

$250,000 (USD)
Minimum 2-year committment

See General Member Pricing Scale

$0 (USD)

Data or Technology Contribution

Voting Seat on Governing Board

Run for Governing Board

Voting Seat on Technical Advisory Council

Seat on Outreach Committee

Use O3DF and O3DE Trademark

Listed on O3DF and O3DE website

Membership in the Open 3D Foundation requires companies to be at least a Silver member of the Linux Foundation. See details here.

Membership Questions

If you have questions about becoming a member, please fill out the form and you will be contacted within two business days.