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New Metaverse Track at O3DCon to Tackle Big Questions and Practical Applications of Emerging Graphical Technology

By September 12, 2022No Comments

Featuring 12 newly added sessions, the O3DCon metaverse track will address how open source software and standards can help close the gaps between current challenges and future promise of technology

A new metaverse track hosted by the Linux Foundation is being offered at next month’s O3DCon event, taking place October 17-19 in Austin, Texas. The track will be presented by thought leaders from a range of open source projects. Sessions will explore where we are today in metaverse technology and applications, what’s lacking, and how open source software and standards communities can take a leadership role in bridging the gaps. The event will also host open floor discussions each day for event attendees to share thoughts and ideas about the presentations delivered in the metaverse track.

The metaverse track schedule can be found at:

Session topics in the metaverse track include:

  • Broadening the definition of the metaverse
  • Identity and the right disclosures in the metaverse
  • Blockchain ledgering and transacting in the metaverse
  • Architecting and scaling simulation software for the immersive metaverse
  • Using artificial intelligence to enrich experiences in the metaverse
  • Immersive interfaces, voice as a first-class citizen in the metaverse
  • Wallets to cross boundaries of real and virtual currencies in the metaverse
  • Fintech and financial services in the metaverse
  • Media, 3D assets and objects
  • Evolving the edge network of tomorrow for the metaverse
  • The impacts of cloud and infrastructure for the metaverse
  • Authentication and making sure it’s really you in the metaverse

This year’s event will convene a vibrant, diverse community focused on building an unencumbered, first-class, 3D engine poised to revolutionize real-time 3D development across a variety of applications—from game development, metaverse, digital twin and AI, to automotive, healthcare, robotics and more.

Early bird pricing for O3DCon expires September 16.

The event is produced by the Open 3D Foundation (O3DF), home of the open-source Open 3D Engine (O3DE) project. O3DE is a modular, cross-platform 3D engine built to power anything from AAA games to cinema-quality 3D worlds to high-fidelity simulations. The code is hosted on GitHub under the Apache 2.0 license. Connect with the community on and