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Open 3D Foundation Expands Membership, Awareness, and Engagement in Asia Pacific

Open 3D Foundation (O3DF) and our anchor project, Open 3D Engine (O3DE), continue to gain traction with technology leaders, developers, and open source communities around the world. Nowhere is that more evident than in the Asia Pacific region.

We recently welcomed DaoCloud as the latest member of O3DF. DaoCloud is a leader in cloud native innovation that is creating an open cloud operating system. The Shanghai-based company joins a growing roster of O3DF members in the Asia Pacific region that already includes Huawei, OPPO, and China Academy of Information and Communications Technology (CAICT). Huawei and OPPO are both active contributors to the O3DE’s Mobile Device Working Group.

It has been amazing to see how quickly the O3DE community is growing in the Asia Pacific region, and wonderful to meet and engage with so many innovators there.

In addition to expanding our membership, we have also participated in several industry events and engagements in Asia Pacific, helping spur greater understanding of the value of open source innovation and O3DE.

As a platinum sponsor of the International Open Source Festival (IOSF) in China last November, O3DF Executive Director Royal O’Brien delivered a keynote presentation to hundreds of attendees at the event and nearly 300,000 online viewers. Royal also participated in a panel discussion about the astronomical growth of cloud native platforms, containers, and serverless technologies. 

O3DE was also at G-Star 2022, Korea’s largest international gaming exhibition. In addition to a joint announcement with the Korea Mobile Game Association (K-mga) leading up to the event, we hosted a lunch meeting with K-mga at G-Star that was attended by prominent companies in the gaming industry. Participants included game developers, publishers, engine creators, and music producers as well as a legal consulting firm and cloud infrastructure provider. It was incredible to see the keen interest in O3DE among all of the attendees, and to talk about the ways open source technologies can positively impact the gaming industry in Korea. Our work with K-mga is helping break the ice for many organizations in the Korean game industry, educating them about the benefits of working with the larger global community to develop open source software, and we look forward to our continued collaboration.

“Our team was thrilled with the warm reception and enthusiastic support we received in Asia Pacific,” said Royal O’Brien. “And we look forward to further expanding O3DE membership and open source community engagement across the region in the months and years ahead.”

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